Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Guestbook for Genealogy websites

I have about run out of good ideas for a guestbook. I loved the ones I found on (or was it net? whatever). But it's been a couple months since any of those worked or even opened when you tried to leave a post.
So, let's try a blog!
Just hit 'reply' or whatever it says and leave your message.



  • At 10:34 AM, Blogger Coralynn's Blog said…

    See? I've just posted a comment.
    You can, too.


  • At 9:03 PM, Blogger melrinker said…

    I looked for a contact E-mail, however this seems to be the only way that I can contact anyone about information contained in the site. I am a Wood descendant, I read the information that is posted regarding the Wood family. I would like to let someone know that, that information is incorrect. Nathaniel Wood was not a Jr, and he was not the son of Nathaniel. Nathaniel Wood was the son of Joel and Mercy Clark, they had a Son Nathaniel 1st, who died at age 2 one month before their second son was born, they named that second son Nathaniel 2nd. I have supporting documentation of this as fact from "The Congregational Church of East Hampton (Chatham) Conn.” I am assuming that this information was taken from the book of “Cutters” as I have seen this error in print before. I would like to see it corrected at some point and am making a trip to Lowville in October to try to accomplish just that. I can also go back one more generation and have the names and birth dates of the remaining children of Joel and Mercy. I can be contacted at
    Melissa Rinker


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